Become a Partner

The Partners Program

The REUSE Company offers all interested candidate Partners to join a Partners Program agreement. The Partners program is intended for several types of vendors (Systems Engineering consulting firms, Software Resellers, Libraries producers, etc.) who can add intrinsic value to the commercialization of our products, either by direct sales or prescription.

Partners interested in the provision of services around our products (Ontologies management, Patterns creation etc.) are also interesting for us.

Current Partners


What we provide to partners …

  • Attractive reselling margins
  • Optimization of effort
  • Sales an channel resources
  • Channel support
  • Marketing and operations support
  • Opportunity development
  • Software download
  • Use of marketing material
  • Possibility to reach interesting customers

Our Partners Network

The REUSE Company’s intention is to commercialize its products through a Partners and Distributors network all over the world. We are interested in selecting the best partners for the commercialization of our products, where the combination of skills, professionalism and market-understanding is necessary.

Our partners can distribute our products, perform consulting, and/or prescribe our technology within their geographic territories.

In order to succeed as a TRC’s partner, we offer you the best experts: consulting, sales support, technical support and customer service. Our main goal is to provide best services to our present and future customers, through you!

Partner program overview

Besides The Reuse Company’s continuous investment in technology and best-in-class solutions, a key success for the steady growth of TRC has been a global Partners network of resellers and solution providers.

The Reuse Company believes that committed partners are the best means for achieving and maintaining customer satisfaction and, to this end, we have designed our Partner program, which provides:

  • Competitive margins on solutions and services.
  • Extensive training and partner support.
  • Marketing support.
  • Best-in-class solutions to drive greater brand and partner value.

In addition to our industry-leading product portfolio, the Reuse Company’s Partner Program offers expanded revenue generation and demand creation initiatives, competitive margins and new product offerings to help you expand your business profitably.

The REUSE Company is willing to find Partners in order to exploit a win-win relationship finding customers all over the world. Our Partner program will have the chance to increase your business figures by introducing a set of tools in your portfolio, as well as adding some new consultancy skills to your team, all of them related to our tools.

The Reuse Company is dedicated to supporting its Partner network and offers partners a number of different partnership levels to choose from.

How to become a Partner

If you think that your business is complementary to The REUSE Company’s business and tools, and you want to become our partner, we would like to know you better. Please fill in this form and send it back to us by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Partner Application Form