Coupled and inconsistent requirements

Wrtitten by José Fuentes
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21 October 2013

Did you know? Coupled and inconsistent requirements are two big issues when writing your requirements specifications.

Thanks to the semantic analysis of RQS, based on Natural Language Processing, a semantic graph can be generated out of every single requirement. This is the process we call formalization. Requirements with similar formalization can be considered as coupled requirements, while further analysis can be done to detect inconsistent content.

In the picture below, you can see two "different" requirements formalized as the very same semantic graph:

Coupled and inconsistent requirements

In order to proceed with the proper formalization, an ontology must be used included both: the vocabulary of your business, and a set of suitable boilerplates (patterns).

Requirements Quality Analyzer and Requirements Authoring Tool help you detecting those problems in order to improve the quality of your requirements specifications.

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