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29 January 2015

Did you know? RAT v2014 is now able to connect to different requirements repositories. Unlike RAT version 4.x that was only available for IBM DOORS, RAT v2014 is able to connect to IBM DOORS, Visure REQUIREMENTS, CATIA Reqtify and Microsoft Excel. Furthermore, RAT now comes in different flavours:


  • RAT as a grid: where RAT is able to show a grid with all the requirements of the selected requirements document (DOORS Module, Visure block, Reqtify document or Excel sheet). Thus allowing you to add, remove or edit requirements directly in RAT that are automatically stored back to your requirements management system.



  • RAT as a plugin: where RAT is integrated inside the requirements management system, including new menu options and screens inside your RMS.



  • RAT as a service in the system tray: based on the information stored in the clipboard, RAT allows you to check quality (correctness) for whatever information you may write in whatever media: MS Word, or even your own Requirements Management System (even if it’s not one of our current integrations) regardless if it’s a Windows based or Web based system.


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