Avoid multiple verbs in the same requirement

Wrtitten by Ciset Gestor
17 December 2013

Another important metric that RQS takes into account is the number of verbs used in a requirement. Where most of the companies, in their guidelines and checklists are expecting for, at least, one main verb (i.e. one action); others are also prohibiting including several main verbs into the same requirement. It’s a common mistake to involve multiple needs in the same requirement.

Detecting the use of “shall” or even “will” or “should” is a basic feature/metric to take into account. But it’s also the detection of multiple main verbs (action verbs) as in the examples below:

“The calculator shall add, subtract, multiply and divide two whole numbers”

“When the system is in state XX, the componentY shall perform and action1. ComponentZ shall also perform action2”

RQS helps you identifying the number of main verbs in every requirement so that, if agreed in the checklist and guidelines of your organization, you could identify low quality requirements based on that.

Writing Effective Requirements

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