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Verification Studio (V&V Studio)

Manages the preparation of verification actions

Manages the realization of verification actions

Manages and improves the quality of all types of work-products

Manages the results of the verification process

Authoring Tools (RAT)

Assists you in the activity of writing requirements and other natural language text

Performs Correctness and Consistency analysis on the fly

Suggests terminology changes based on a central knowledge base

Fully integrated in your Requirements Management Tool and Modelling Tool

Knowledge Manager (KM)

Manages terminology and knowledge of your system

Helps you in the creation of patterns

Provides methods for automatic generation of Ontologies

Manages knowledge evolution over time

Traceability Studio

Manages trace links between all sorts of information

Discovers user-tailored trace links

Monitors and reports trace links in a tailorable platform

Connects every tool involved in the systems engineering processes