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The Systems Engineering Suite (SES) v18.1 is the evolution of the Requirements Quality Suite (RQS) Version 15.

Systems Engineering Suite (SES) v18.1 is composed of these applications:

  • VERIFICATION Studio (formerly known as Requirements Quality Analyzer or RQA or in the first release of v18.1 as System Quality Analyzer or SQA)
  • AUTHORING Tools (formerly known as Requirements Authoring Tool or Rich Authoring Tool) is composed of several plugins for different System Engineering Applications such as: DOORS, Integrity and Rhapsody (new!), and some other common Office tools such as Excel (new!) and Word (new!)
  • TRACEABILITY Manager (new!): A new tool entering the suite to manage traceability among many Systems Engineering work products
  • KNOWLEDGE Manager (KM)
  • Systems Engineering Suite Server (SES Server) (formerly known as Requirements Quality Suite Server or RQS Server or SKR Server in the first release of v18.1)
  • Systems Engineering Suite Batch Process (SES Batch Process) (formerly known as Requirements Quality Suite Synchronizer or RQS Synchronizer or SKR Batch Process in the first release of v18.1)
  • Requirements Quality Suite Server (RQS Server) is the central configuration tool for Requirements Quality environment.
  • Requirements Quality Analyzer (RQA) is a tool that assesses requirements quality by means of natural language processing techniques (NLP) and allows enhancing it iteratively.
  • The Requirements Authoring Tool (RAT) enables requirements engineers to write their requirements according to the organization's best practices right at the first time.
  • Complete System Knowledge Repository Management Tool.