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Requirements Quality Analyzer v15.1 (RQA)

Requirements Quality Analyzer (RQA) is a tool that assesses requirements quality by means of natural language processing techniques (NLP) and allows enhancing it iteratively.

Checks the quality policies and checklist for requirements quality of your organization

RQA assesses requirements quality in three different dimensions:

  • Correctness: assesses quality for each requirement in regards of many different perspectives (metrics) looking for textual defects in the requirement statement (forbidden words, incorrect spelling, incorrect grammar, etc) or or structural defects (missing input trace, too many indentation levels, etc.).
  • Completeness: assesses quality for the requirement specification (i.e., set of requirements) looking for missing items (words, relationships, interfaces, type of requirements, etc) in the scope of the specification (set of requirements)
  • Consistency: in the scope of a requirement specification there are no consistency issues among its requirements (duplicate requirements, incorrect use of measurement units, etc.

Release 8 (May 22nd, 2018)

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