Managing your requirements and models quality

Event: Managing your requirements and models quality

When: April 19, 2018 (09:00 - 13:30)

Where: Madrid, Spain (IBM Client Center TEC)


Description: ULMA Embedded Solutions and IBM Spain organize this seminar the 19th of April in Madrid.

A bad or incomplete conceptualization phase can have a big impact on a project; increase of costs, delays, suspension of the project or a failing system. During this seminar, theoretical and practical aspects related to inspection and verification and validation of requirements and models will be discussed. A set of good practices for quality management of requirements and models will also be described.

During the seminar we will se how IBM DOORS, IBM DOORS Next Generation and IBM Rhapsody can be integrated with the products of The REUSE Company to control and improve the quality of requirements and models. The aim is to gather systems engineers, requirements engineers and product managers to learn to master this subject through practical exercises.

The seminar is in Spanish.


Agenda (in Spanish):