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Hi everyone!

If you get noticed that there is a new version of RQS Suite available to download in TRC's website, here I will show you the steps to follow to make the upgrade done.

1. Uninstall the RQS tools from the computer.
- If you are using RAT plugin for DOORS, make sure that there are no still files (.dll format) of it in the DOORS installation folder. In that case, it is necessary to remove them manually.

2. Download the new RQS version you want to install from the website

3. Install the new RQS version

4. Run the DB Migration Tool in order to upgrade the database version as well as the tools. This tool is also available in the website and it request license. It is necessary to run the migration tool each version you want to upgrade. For example, if you have an RQS version v15.1.0 or v15.1.1, and you want to upgrade to v15.1.4, you should do it 2 times:
- from v15.1.0 or v15.1.1 to v15.1.2 and v15.1.3
- from v15.1.2 or v15.1.3 to v15.1.4

This process will just add new features to the database, which are needed for newer versions.

Important: since the upgrade is always inside the mayor version 15.1, it is not necessary to request a new license for the tools.

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