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Hi everybody!

Working with a DOORS module in RQA will allow you to establish some settings according to your organization needs. For instance, you can choose to:
  • Include the requirement title in the quality assessment
  • Save the quality assessment in DOORS attributes
  • Select a path where to store the Quality Reports
  • Activate the 'Assess Quality Inline' functionality for this module (from RQS v15.1.6)
  • Apply a requirement filter
  • ...and much more

However, if you are working with several DOORS modules, you have to set this same configuration for all of them manually. It is easy to imagine that this process could be very tedious for large projects...

Here is when the Module Configuration Loader gets into the game: this little tool inside RQA will help you on this process!! This means that you will able to load a configuration for all the modules you want in just a couple of clicks.

This tool works using a CSV file containing the modules and their configuration. You only need to import this file into the Module Configuration Loader and that's it!

Of course, the CSV needs to follow a particular structure to ensure that the importation is fine. For more details, please find attached a Module Configuration Guide.

However, our recommendation is to follow this workflow:
  1. Connect to a DOORS module from RQA
  2. Set the configuration for this module
  3. Export this configuration using the Module Configuration Loader. This process will generate a CSV with the information
  4. Add the rest of modules and their configuration
  5. Import the modified CSV file

IMPORTANT: it is necessary to provide the module full path, instead of the local path.

Hope this information is useful!


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