INCOSE Requirements Guide Knowledge Library

INCOSE (INternational COuncil on Systems Engineering) if performing an enormous work in the dissemination of good practices for the Systems Engineering community.

Together with the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook, we can say that the INCOSE Guide for Writing Requirements is one of the most valuable publications of INCOSE. This guide includes several high-level quality characteristics for requirements (following the ISO/IEC 29148), but also a list of more detailed rules to ease the process of writing and inspecting technical requirements.

The INCOSE Knowledge Library includes:

  • The implementation in the Systems Engineering Suite of all these rules as defined in the INCOSE Guide for Writing Requirements. This allows quality control teams to inspect requirements specifications following these rules (by using RQA - QUALITY Studio), and allows the requirements authors to have quality checking in real-time using the RAT - AUTHORING Tools plug-ins.


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