Procurement Quality Suite Knowledge Library

When writing your bidding documentation for a Public Procurement, you need to assure the requirements from both the supplier's and the client's side tell the same story, and that can be a challenge. For you to deliver, there always exists an order and an expectation for its complete coverage by your deliveries. On the other side, when asking someone to deliver something to you, what you ask for, will be what you will get. Therefore you need to Get right requirements and Get the requirements right.


The Procurement Quality Suite (PQS) Knowledge Library includes:

  • Ontology or Knowledge Base for semantic analysis of the documentation, ensuring the compliance of the procurement documentation with the applicable standards. The ontology covers from a complete set of controlled vocabulary, work, costs and documents breakdown structure, to a set of patterns to guide in the elaboration of the documents. Moreover, the ontology contains a set of Correctness, Completeness and Consistency rules to ensure a minimum quality of the documents.
  • RAT - AUTHORING Tools - real time assistance to formulate bidding documentation that include all the required information (Completeness), is easy to understand (Correctness) and has a homogeneous vocabulary and grammar (Consistency)
  • RQA - QUALITY Studio - quality analysis across different bidding documents through agreed best practice rules and check lists. Reduces the time needed for internal reviews and lowers ambiguity and risk.
  • KM - Knowledge Manager - includes approved terminology, multi-language support, textual and structural patterns and the syntax & semantic needed for an advanced bid analysis and real-time formulation assistance.
  • Traceability Studio - tracks changes during the project. Supports traceability between all types of information to reduce risk of information inconsistency and keep all changes under control.
  • Templates for Invitation to Tender, Technical Specification, Scope of Work and Support Specification in Excel, Word and PDF


 pdf download PQS Folder

pdf download Requirements Engineering Leaflet

pdf download PQS Demo Example


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