INCOSE Systems Engineering Tour ends in Madrid

25 September 2014

The last conference of the South European Systems Engineering Tour 2014 organized by INCOSE was held this week in Madrid.

The 24th of September, the third and last conference of the South European Systems Engineering Tour (SESE 2014 was held in Madrid. This tour has been organized by the Swiss, French and Spanish chapters of INCOSE and has offered conferences in Zürich (1st of September) and in Paris (23rd of September). INCOSE is a non-profit membership organization with a mission to share, promote and advance the best of systems engineering around the world. The Spanish chapter AEIS - Asociación Española de Ingeniería de Sistemas is in charge of the promotion in Spain.

Juan Llorens, Professor at the Informatics Department at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, CTO at The REUSE Company and Tecnical Director of AEIS is one of the organizers. Prof. Llorens says that "Systems Engineering in Spain started its activity together with our aerospace industry, but with the intention of covering all the business domains where Spain is dominant: automobile, railway, infrastructure, financial, bio pharma, IT, naval etc.

The REUSE Company is one of the sponsors of the tour and also participated with the following presentations:

"From Requirements Quality to Requirements Authoring" presented by D. Jose Fuentes (CCO de The REUSE Company) "Knowledge Centric Systems Engineering" presented by Dr. Juan Llorens.