First semester of EU-project AMASS

07 November 2016

6 months have passed since the kick-off meeting of the European project AMASS, where The REUSE Company participates, and there have been a lot of activities during this period of time.

During the first semester, the AMASS consortium has devoted its technical efforts to both (1) systematically investigate and specify the R&D problems and industrial needs on cyber-physical systems (CPS) assurance and certification, and (2) design the basic building blocks of the full AMASS architecture by reusing existing baseline tools.

Regarding The REUSE Company, the work has been focused on the analysis of technologies for architecture-driven assurance, seamless interoperability, and assurance information reuse. The company has also reported on its experience in industry in these areas and has developed initial prototypes as possible solutions to the challenges that the project will tackle. The insights provided by The REUSE Company have contributed to the detailed characterization of the gaps that AMASS aims to fill in the state of the art and in the state of the practice on assurance and certification of cyber-physical systems. Finally, The REUSE Company has coordinated the organization of training sessions on the results from previous projects that AMASS could adopt and extend.

AMASS is a H2020-ECSEL project that will create and consolidate the de-facto European-wide open tool platform, ecosystem, and self-sustainable community for assurance and (CPS) in the largest industrial vertical markets including automotive, railway, aerospace, space and energy. The goal of the project is to lower certification costs for CPS through a holistic and reuse-oriented approach for architecture-driven assurance, multi-concern assurance and for seamless interoperability between assurance and enginecusedering activities as well as with third-party activities.

More information about the first semester of AMASS