New release: Systems Engineering (SE) Suite v18

12 February 2018

The REUSE Company is pleased to announce the release of the latest and best version of the Systems Engineering (SE) Suite formerly known as The Requirements Quality Suite (RQS).

With the SE Suite, The REUSE Company has taken a clear step forward towards MBSE. This new version keeps the concept of requirements quality, but it also leverages other Systems Engineering activities by providing traceability, retrieval and reuse, and quality for different types of work products, in particular Models.

The new version of our SE Suite v18 is now available and ready to be downloaded from our website:

You can find the complete release notes with all the features and enhancements of this version at:

About the Systems Engineering (SE) Suite:

The Systems Engineering Suite offers you the tools, processes and skills to properly tackle the daily issues of complex systems. It allows for customising the semantic interpretation of multiple sources of information such as models, as well as making filters using routines. SE Suite supports many languages including English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Swedish and Italian and includes connectors to many requirement sources such as IBM Rational Doors and Microsoft Office applications.

The SE Suite has undergone some general improvements to make it even better! There have been user Interface improvements to simplify the interaction with the user, general revision via use-case scenarios and the introduction of three new possibilities of licensing:

  • Bundle: license limited in time and number of work product assessments
  • Year subscription: license limited only in time
  • Perpetual: license not limited neither in time nor number of assessments

SE Suite is composed of the following applications:

  • VERIFICATION (V&V) Studio (formerly known as Requirements Quality Analyzer or RQA)
  • AUTHORING Tools (formerly known as Requirements Authoring Tool or RAT)
  • KNOWLEDGE Manager (KM)
  • Systems Engineering Suite Server (SES Server) (formerly known as System Knowledge Repository Server or SKR Server)
  • System Knowledge Repository Batch Process (SKR Batch Process) (formerly known as Requirements Quality Suite Synchronizer or RQS Synchronizer)


The Verification (V&V) Studio allows you to define and manage the V&V of the SOI, System element or any kind of development work-product (requirements, SysML models, MODELICA models, etc.) by measuring, calculating and improving their quality. Poor quality of work-products during the concept and design phases of a project leads to rework, extra costs, delays and, if not detected, severe consequences. This tool which automates the routine quality inspection and analysis of many types of work-products minimizes the cost of quality appraisals, while dramatically reducing the costs of poor quality.

As well as its new name, other enhancements to this tool include quality certificate improvements in generating and loading the ontology contents, better validation of the consistency overlapping work product metric configuration, improved performance of correctness analysis and of quality evolution graphics. Alongside this we have introduced new technology in the specification short report and improved integration with the Scalability platform for OSLC-KM connection.


The Authoring Tool is the smarter way to write requirements, test cases, definitions of risks and any other statement that should be written concisely using terms from a controlled vocabulary while following a known structure and set of quality rules. This tool makes the perfect assistant for system analysts/engineers when writing the system documentation as it leads engineers with a set of agreed-upon patterns, suggests the most suitable content for each piece of information written and always ensures the right grammar, with quality checking on real time. Therefore, it relieves engineers from format concerns, allowing them to concentrate on the content, that is, the technical data useful for design.

Recent improvements to Authoring Tools include that it now has plugins for Excel, Word, Rhapsody, Integrity, DOORS, a new spellchecker functionality to improve underlining misspelled words while typing and improved assistance to write compound terms. As well as this, several completeness and consistency on-the-fly improvements include:

  • displaying the local quality and the global quality for consistency
  • better completeness results display for the editing work product
  • improved reliability of the Excel and Word plugin
  • improved Rhapsody plugin installation


Knowledge Manager allows you to manage knowledge from the systems engineering point of view and to store, in a common System Knowledge Base, valuable information from requirements, models, system architectures and other documents. The more knowledge you manage in KM, the more advanced analysis can be performed with V&V Studio, Traceability Studio and RAT. Furthermore, the ways of communicating provided by KM, between knowledge owners and authors and modelers, can speed up the creation of such knowledge structures and overall translates into earnings and savings. The most recent version of KM has improved:

  • management of the formalization of relationships
  • management of the pattern assistant wizard when editing an existing pattern
  • complete copy of the ontology when deleting the output completely.
  • management of the library management
  • copy from database to database functionality
  • management of pattern deletion
  • Configuration Management comparison windows


Traceability Studio is the software tool that enables the definition and implementation of trace links between two sources of information of different types. Users can trace links between key processes in order to be efficient and effective, such as V&V, requirements definition, architecture definition, design definition or risk management, among others, as defined in the ISO/IEEE 15288/12207 standard. Therefore, trace links between work products is a compulsory activity within the Systems Engineering processes, which can be monitored and controlled with the Traceability Studio.


Systems Engineering Studio focuses on the automatic transformations among different work products of, maybe, different Systems Engineering Tools. This Studio is only available in this moment as an application for a tailoring process.

Systems Engineering Suite Server (SES Server)

  • Token report improvements

Systems Engineering Suite Batch Process (SES Batch Process) (formerly known as System Knowledge Repository Batch Process)

Systems Engineering Suite v18