A successful Swedish Procurement Conference 2019

22 January 2019

The Swedish procurement exhibition, Upphandlingsdagarna 2019 in Stockholm, was a big success where The REUSE Company together with our partner Primona made a key note presentation for 500+ people, which provided a prediction of how procurement work will take place in 2030 when artificial intelligence and other technical solutions change the purchaser's everyday life.

We delivered a first glimpse of how the first applications with AI-based language processing will soon revolutionize how the information quality increases significantly using parts of our Systems Engineering Suite as integrated components into Primonas e-procurement platform, called the AI assistant (a.k.a. KAI). Just with a click on the KAI assistant button, you get a semantics check on requirements and other text in the procurement material and the increased information quality that comes as a result will decrease the risk of bidders misunderstanding the tender material and hence reducing the bidder risk, lowering the total cost of the bid and finally increasing the quality of the delivered product as a result of the supplier understanding the true customer need.

The KAI plug in will be introduced in spring 2019 and we at The REUSE Company will again show that our technology is revolutionary and state of the art in the areas of Natural Language Processing, Ontologies, Knowledge reuse and Quality management.