CRYSTAL is a part of the ARTEMIS 2012 program and aims to establish and push forward an Interoperability Specification (IOS) and a Reference Technology Platform (RTP) as a European standard for safety-critical systems.

RTP and IOS will allow loosely coupled tools to share and interlink their data as well as enable common interoperability between different domains of the life cycle. This reduces the complexity of the entire integration process significantly. Compared to many other research projects, CRYSTAL is strongly oriented towards industry and will provide tools with a mature technology-readiness-level (up to TRL 7).

CRYSTAL is driven by cases from the automotive, aerospace, rail and health sector and is based on the results of successful research projects in the field of Reference Technology Platform (RTP) and Interoperability Specification (IOS) and enhances and matures them for use in the industry.

Creating and setting a new standard on a large scale in an already consolidated market cannot be made by individual organizations. With a budget of more than 82 million Euro and 71 partners from 10 different European countries, CRYSTAL has the possibility to achieve this goal. The consortium consists of participants from all stakeholders, including original equipment manufacturers, suppliers, tool vendors and academia.



CRYSTAL project is co-financed by ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking and Spanish Ministry of Energy,Tourism and the Digital Agenda, within the ARTEMIS Call for Proposals 2012, under Grant Agreement number 332830, and national reference number ART-010000-2013-1.

Cofinanciado por el Ministerio de Energía, Turismo y Agenda Digital.

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