AMASS - Architecture-driven, Multi-concern and Seamless Assurance and Certification of Cyber-Physical Systems

Embedded systems have significantly increased in technical complexity towards open, interconnected Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS). This has exacerbated the problem of ensuring dependability in the presence of human, environmental and technological risks. AMASS will create and consolidate a de-facto European-wide assurance and certification open tool platform, ecosystem, and self-sustainable community spanning the largest CPS vertical markets. The ultimate aim is to lower certification costs in face of rapidly changing product features and market needs. This will be achieved by establishing a novel holistic and reuse-oriented approach for architecture-driven assurance, for multi-concern assurance, and for seamless interoperability between assurance and engineering activities.

The AMASS consortium consists of 29 partners from eight countries, including large industrial companies, SMEs, research organizations, and universities, and covering the whole value chain for CPS assurance and certification. The REUSE Company will exploit and extend its expertise during the project in order to link the company’s solutions for ontology-based systems engineering and quality assessment with broader practices for CPS assurance and certification. The REUSE Company will lead the implementation of the solutions for seamless interoperability and for assurance reuse.