REVaMPstands for Round-trip Engineering and Variability Management Platform and Process.

Increasing proportions of B2B and B2C products and services obtain high market power through becoming software intensive, a trend illustrated by buildings and vehicles developing from electromechanical systems into Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), for example. These Software-Intensive Systems and Services (SIS) adapt to market disruptions and customer urges at a quicker rate and lower cost than competitors who are less software orientated. SIS does, however, raise new engineering challenges such as requiring more agile engineering processes and automated variability management.

The ITEA 3 project REVaMP2 aims to develop the first comprehensive automation tool-chain and an executable process to support round-trip engineering of SIS product lines in order to engineer mass customised products and services in a profitable manor in virtually any sector. The project will result in a prototype REVaMP2 platform that integrates the following SIS Round-Trip PL Engineering automation services:

  • Extraction of a SIS PL and variability model from legacy assets of implicitly related SIS sets
  • Multi-view visualization of legacy assets extracted variability models and PL assets
  • Verification that a SIS PL satisfies a set of hard constraints e.g. safety constraints
  • Refactoring of a SIS PL to optimize soft constraints on the refactored assets such as full exploitation of multi-core processor power and to co-evolve related assets such as software algorithms and the hardware architectures on which they run.

The REUSE Company is leading the Industrial Use Cases and Requirements work package bridging the technical research with the industrial need within the project. Besides, The REUSE Company contributes with a Use Case with focus on Knowledge – Centric Solutions for PLE, enabling the possibility to have smart tools to extract, visualize and reuse assets from several sources in the PL.

The duration of the project is from November 2016 to December 2019.

Website: REVaMP2