IMOLA II is a follow-up project with the aim to provide an interoperability platform among Land Registers in Europe.

The IMOLA II project is ELRA´s (European Land Registry Association) follow up project (European project founded by the EC Civil Justice Program JUST AG-2016-05/Grant Agreement nº 764350) which, as semantic initiative, pursues the creation of public specifications to exchange information generated on the framework of Land Registers Information Systems, based on the ELRD (European Land Registry Document) common structure by applying the principles of the Linked Data and Knowledge Organization Systems (KOS).

The IMOLA II project is a starting point for achieving semantic shared repository  (Knowledge Repository), which arises from the need to get an effective model of reference information integrated on the e- Justice Portal to facilitate the creation of a semantic common area of justice in civil and commercial matters.

The target of IMOLA II is to make it easy to reach a real collaborative development environment where tools can exchange and share data, information and knowledge. Controlled vocabularies are essential elements for the IMOLA II project, which aims to provide an interoperability platform among Land Registers in Europe. Other objectives of the project include:

  • Developing a Web Service related to the Knowledge Repository.
  • Developing a system to support the collaborative work of Contact Points as Land Registry experts integrated on the European Land Registry Network (ELRN).
  • Developing a complete information model to be used within the scope of the LRI project through the e-Justice Portal, linked directly to the semantic domain represented by IMOLA Knowledge Repository.
  • Developing a web-based system for sharing Land Registry KOS among EU Citizens.

The REUSE Company is the main contractor developing all the infrastructure for IMOLA II, associated with Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) as the partner leading the research activities of the project.