IoD - Internet of DevOps

The aim of IoD is to provide a methodology on how to apply DevOps principles in large organizations.

The increasing connectivity, significance of software-defined functionality and penetration of electronics and software into all facets of our lives result in a society that is becoming dependent on smart devices that are part of interconnected Systems of Systems. Different research communities refer to these systems by different names, such as Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), Internet of Things (IoT), and Ubiquitous Computing, all sharing the same paradigm of immersive and distributed sensing and computing.

In this context the final aim of the IoD project is addressing pain-points from large organizations in applying Continuous Integration (CI) methodologies and technologies for enhancing automation, lifecycle visualization tools, support for continuous developer feedback on software quality, and Big Data analytics of software development processes. This ends up in providing a methodology of how to apply DevOps taking into account typical constraints from classical Telecom & CPS industries, e.g. related to the integration of legacy systems, or the need to perform quality assurance of processes.

IoD is an European project funded by CELTIC-NEXT and the consortium consists of 12 partners from three countries including industrial companies, SMEs, Telecom Operator, and universities. The REUSE Company will exploit and extend its expertise during the project in order to link the company’s solutions of natural language processing (NLP) techniques to enhance the capabilities of the existing tools and provide meaningful and automatic insights of the continuous integration and delivery processes to the end-users.