Arrowhead is addressing efficiency and flexibility at the global scale by means of collaborative automation for production (manufacturing, process, energy), smart buildings and infrastructures, electro-mobility and virtual market of energy.

The objective of the Arrowhead project is to address the technical and applicative challenges associated to cooperative automation:

  • Provide a technical framework adapted in terms of functions and performances
  • Propose solutions for integration with legacy systems
  • Implement and evaluate the cooperative automation through real experimentations in applicative domains: electro-mobility, smart buildings, infrastructures and smart cities, industrial production, energy production and energy virtual market
  • Point out the accessible innovations thanks to new services
  • Lead the way to further standardization work.

The REUSE Company contributes to the development of the SoS integration interoperability platform for the Arrowhead framework, as well as Engineering tool chain integration architecture and reference implementation, Engineering procedure and supportive tools and tool chains.