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Requirements Quality Suite Server (RQS Server) is the central configuration tool for Requirements Quality environment.

It configures all the parameters in regards of licensing, ontology configuration, etc.

RQS Server must be installed to be able to run either RQA or RAT.

Requirements Quality Analyzer (RQA) is a tool that assesses requirements quality by means of natural language processing techniques (NLP) and allows enhancing it iteratively.

Checks the quality policies and checklist for requirements quality of your organization

RQA assesses requirements quality in three different dimensions:

  • Correctness: assesses quality for each requirement in regards of many different perspectives (metrics) looking for textual defects in the requirement statement (forbidden words, incorrect spelling, incorrect grammar, etc) or or structural defects (missing input trace, too many indentation levels, etc.).
  • Completeness: assesses quality for the requirement specification (i.e., set of requirements) looking for missing items (words, relationships, interfaces, type of requirements, etc) in the scope of the specification (set of requirements)
  • Consistency: in the scope of a requirement specification there are no consistency issues among its requirements (duplicate requirements, incorrect use of measurement units, etc.)

The Requirements Authoring Tool (RAT) enables requirements engineers to write their requirements according to the organization's best practices right at the first time.

Helps the author to assess the quality policies and checklist for requirements quality of your organization on the fly.

Requirements Quality Analyzer (RQA) is needed to configure this quality checklists

Complete System Knowledge Repository Management Tool

Manages linguistic issues, vocabulary, relationships, thesauri, taxonomies, patterns ...

In use with:

  • RQA: for managing vocabulary and relationships among concepts.
  • RAT: allows to create boilerplates together with their formalization.
  • Semantic Search Engines and Reusable Repositories: helps creating the semantics of the concepts.

Scripts and applications to update the System Knowledge database from different versions.

Requirements Quality Suite Database Backups (RQS DB Backups)

TRC FlexLM Daemon and Server

Uses the famous Flexera License Mangement tool (Flex LM). Needed for RQS licensing.

Resources: files and templates.


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