Version 4.0.4

26 October 2012
RQA Client
  • DOORS connection: the projects tree is loaded by levels.
  • DOORS connection: new functionality, projects within projects can be assessed connected to the parent project.
  • Fixed bug for controlling the quality date and last modification date in requirements. Those dates did only hold the day but not the hours in some cases. Now they hold the whole date (date + hours)
  • Fixed bug for controlling special characters in the summary in requirements. Quality summary assessment in DOORS can hold special characters such as quotes (") and backslash ("\")
  • Fixed bug for controlling data types regardless of the Operating System languages and cultures.
  • Fixed bug for tracing, traces could not be created over overlapping tasks results after cleaning up that module quality.
RQA Server
  • New feature to configure license in the login window.
RQA Synchronizer
  • Messages in the .log file have been improved. This version includes more descriptive messages.
  • Solved bug while creating the windows scheduled task for RQA created by the RQA Server.
  • Solved bug for project manager reports sent by email or stored in a shared resource when the requirement has been changed after the last quality assessment.