Version 2015.1 Release 0

14 August 2015
RQA Build version 15.1.5704.34260
RQS (All applications):
  • New emphasis on the Completeness quality point of view:
    • Terminology Coverage Metric
    • Relationships Coverage Metric
    • Relationship Types Coverage Metric
    • Artifact Content Coverage Metric
    • Patterns Coverage Metric
    • Properties Coverage Metric etc.
  • New emphasis on the Consistency quality point of view:
    • Properties Inconsistency Metric (MTBF, SUM etc.)
  • New correctness parameterized metric types:
    • For attributes
    • For terms
    • For clusters
    • For patterns etc.
  • New correctness, completeness and consistency reports
  • New OSLC connector (tested with DOORS Next Generation)
  • New floating licensing mechanism based on Flex
  • Enhanced requirements grids (RAT and RQA)