Version 2015.1 Release 3

27 May 2016
RQA Build version 15.1.5991.30517
NLP Process
  • Improved support for German language
  • Improved support for complex (paragraph) patterns:
    • Possibility to match all patterns composing the complex pattern
    • Possibility to match at least only 2 patterns composing the complex pattern
Knowledge Manager
  • Improved management of Active Directory items by including a new Active Directory browser.
  • Improved complex pattern management:
    • Support to configure whether to match all the patterns vs matching, at least, 2 patterns composing the complex pattern
    • Improved complex pattern matching visualization in the Syntax Analysis tree tab
  • Solved bug while managing normalization rules inside pattern restrictions advanced setup
  • Improved pattern slots to only accept the not-normalized form of a term (e.g. infinitive verbs)
  • Included pattern tooltip in the pattern list and syntax analysis tree to avoid opening the syntax form or changing tab
  • Solved bug while exporting the SCM in SKOS / RDF format
Requirements Quality Analyzer (RQA)
  • Improved "Out-of-domain acronyms" to detect terms with one capitalization change (from lower case to upper case or vice versa) and two chars in upper case or more than one capitalization change.
    • E.g.: CMx, PoC, etc.
  • Improved "Links coverage" metric and "Overlapping requirements" configuration form by using the target modules filter to avoid displaying warning messages when they are not needed.
  • Improved detection of changes in the edition window to avoid warning the user about unsaved changes when there are not such changes
Requirements Authoring Tool (RAT)
  • Improved usability interaction while editing requirements:
    • Possibility to hide the list of suggested next term while writing
    • Pattern tooltips
    • New re-assessment options in on-the-fly completeness and consistency metrics
  • Renaming tabs to describe better their functionality:
    • "Overlapping requirements" by "Similar requirements" to avoid confusion with the "Overlapping requirements" consistency metric type
    • "Terminology coverage" by "Terminology usage" to avoid confusion with the "Terminology coverage" completeness metric type.
  • Pattern example space redesign to avoid it being over the editing text box.
RQS Server
  • Improved bug while deleting modules or projects in the "SKB Assets" management tab
RQS Synchronizer
  • Improved reporting when the specification is not configured to hold the RQS quality attributes