Version 2015.1 Release 5

28 October 2016
RQA Build version 15.1.6145.23583
Knowledge Manager (KM)
  • New: Added the "Why a pattern is not matching" functionality within the Patterns Check Integrity section.
  • Fixed encoding for thesaurus Import/Export (jcd, the, etc) to properly use UTF8 encoding.
  • Fixed bugs in CopyTo functionality.
  • Fixed bugs in the patterns wizard (syntax step).
  • Fixed bug when removing suggestions.
  • Fixed thesaurus graphical visualization bug for relationships.
Requirements Quality Analyzer (RQA)
  • Fixed bug to avoid having empty suggestions when removing metrics.
  • Fixed bug when showing suggestions for the current document/module.
  • Fixed bug when removing any already assessed Overlapping metric (using SQL Server Ontology database).
  • Fixed visualization bug when changing the metrics set of a requirements document/module.
  • Fixed bug when reloading ontology.
  • Improved relationship selector for completeness & consistency metrics configuration.
  • Improved RQA Help file content.
DOORS Connector
  • Fixed bug when having special characters (;) within the DOORS module description, requirement attributes or module views.
OSLC Connector
  • Connector configuration: Improved usability for small resolution screens.
Requirements Authoring Tool (RAT)
  • New: Added capability to remember the layout of the editing window when closing and opening again. Added capability to remember the selected tab within the bunch of "other quality tabs".
  • Fixed bug when displaying the "Why a pattern is not matching" functionality.
  • Fixed bug in the "Terminology usage" functionality when creating a new requirement.
Requirements Authoring Tool (RAT) plugin for DOORS
  • New: Inline correctness quality calculation for DOORS.
  • New: Added customizable short-cuts to launch the RAT editing window.
  • Fixed bug when checking object permissions in DOORS shareable edit mode.
  • Fixed bug when assessing Consistency & Completeness metrics when creating a new requirement.
  • Fixed bug when navigating to previous/next requirement and pending changes.
  • Fixed DXL bug when authoring a new requirement in an empty module.
Requirements Authoring Tool (RAT) plugin for PTC Integrity
  • New: Enhanced the RAT plugin behaviour, now working as a tray app in order to speed up the authoring process.
  • New: Improved loading performance for large Integrity documents.
  • New: Integrated quality fields to allow RAT plugin to store Correctness quality in Integrity.
  • Improved UI refresh after changes performed with RAT.
  • Fixed bug when assessing Completeness & Consistency metrics when creating a new requirement.
RQS Synchronizer
  • Improved scheduled tasks to automatically run Syncrhonizer to assess DOORS modules.