Version 2015.1 Release 7

06 September 2017

RQA Build version 15.1.6372.29959

  • Improved connectivity with PTC Integrity:
    • Added an alternative method to load document content in case that the usual API fails. The document loads successfully, however loses the original order of the elements and the included documents In this case, before this alternative is used, the user is reported about the possible disadvantages explained before, and asked for confirmation.
  • Improved connectivity with DOORS:
    • The loading time for the DOORS project has been dramatically improved. The requirements are only loaded when the requirements are needed.
  • RAT:
    • Improved pattern tooltip and help.
  • RQA:
    • Solved bug in Property Consistency metric evaluation when combining simple and complex properties.
    • Solved bug in the configuration of an Overlapping requirements metric when setting up specifications not already configured with correctness metrics.