Version 2018.1 Release 0

27 December 2017

SQA Build version 18.1.6570.1203

Brand new version of the formerly known as Requirements Quality Suite, now called Knowledge-Centric Systems Engineering (KCSE) Suite

The KCSE Suite is composed of these applications:

  • System Quality Analyzer (SQA) (formerly known as Requirements Quality Analyzer or RQA)
  • Rich Authoring Tool (RAT) (formerly known as Requirements Authoring Tool)
  • Rich Authoring Tool (RAT) plugin for DOORS
  • Rich Authoring Tool (RAT) plugin for Integrity
  • Rich Authoring Tool (RAT) plugin for Excel (new!)
  • Rich Authoring Tool (RAT) plugin for Word (new!)
  • Rich Authoring Tool (RAT) plugin for Rhapsody (new!)
  • System Interoperability Manager (SIM) (new!). Including the following plugins
  • (System) Knowledge Manager (KM)
  • System Knowledge Repository Server (SKR Server) (formerly known as Requirements Quality Suite Server or RQS Server)
  • System Knowledge Repository Batch Process (SKR Batch Process) (formerly known as Requirements Quality Suite Synchronizer or RQS Synchronizer)

The KCSE Suite includes connectors to the following requirement sources:

  • IBM Rational DOORS 8.3 or higher
  • IBM Rational DOORS 9.x
  • IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation 6.0 (Jazz 6.0) or higher (new!)
  • PTC Integrity 10.5 or higher
  • Microsoft Excel 2007 or higher
  • Microsoft Word 2007 or higher (new!)
  • Reqtify 2015 or higher
  • Visure Requirements 4.x or higher
  • ReqIF (new!)

The KCSE Suite allows customizing the semantic interpretation of multiple sources of information such as models, as well as making filters using routines developed in a customized way in a C# environment.

Additionally, KCSE Suite allows creating semantic interpretations defined by users, to XML-based sources.

Moreover, KCSE Suite converts workproducts from multiple sources of information into textual content.

The KCSE Suite includes connectors to the following model sources: (new!)

  • SysML:
    • IBM Rational Rhapsody
    • Papyrus
    • Magic Draw
  • Simulation:
    • Matlab Simulink
    • FMU
  • Other:
    • ASCE
    • Excel
    • Json
    • OWL
    • Pure Variance
    • SQL (Oracle, SQL Server, Access, MySQL)
    • Textual Sources (pdf, csv, txt, doc, docx)
    • XML
    • Custom

The KCSE Suite supports these languages:

  • English
  • French
  • German (new!)
  • Japanese (new!)
  • Swedish (new!)
  • Italian (new!)
  • Spanish

The KCSE Suite includes these new features:

  • Quality control and evaluation dashboards
  • Multiple requirements and model connections managed in a single Quality Project
  • Supply chain support via Quality Certificates
  • Ontology exchange via Libraries
  • Ontology dynamic synchronization via Knowledge Interfaces
  • Ontology Configuration Management (including the System Knowledge-Base and Metrics for quality analysis) and Changes Federation across different ontologies.
  • Interoperability support:
    • From requirements to requirements (R+ plugin). E.g.:
      • Requirements translations from one language to another (English to French)
      • Stakeholder requirements to System requirements
      • etc.
    • From requirement to models (R+ plugin)
    • From models to requirements (R+ plugin)
    • Traceability support (T+ plugin)
  • Built-in custom-code metric editor