Version 2018.1 Release 1

02 February 2018

SQA Build version 18.1.6607.27129

Brand new release of Knowledge-Centric Systems Engineering (KCSE) Suite

General improvements:

  • User Interface improvements to simplify the interaction with the user

System Quality Analyzer (SQA):

  • Quality certificate improvements in generating and loading the ontology contents.
  • Consistency properties metric results improved after detecting missing work products in the work product summary list
  • Better validation of the consistency overlapping work product metric configuration
  • Improved Excel connection window
  • Solved special sentence management bug when saving changes.

System Knowledge Repository Server (SKR Server):

  • Token report improvements

Rich Authoring Tool (RAT):

  • New spellchecker functionality to improve underlining misspelled words while typing
  • Completeness and consistency on-the-fly improvements:
    • now displays the local quality and the global quality for consistency
    • better completeness results display for the editing work product

Knowledge Manager (KM):

  • Improvements while importing term to the System Conceptual Model (SCM)
  • Improved management of the formalization of relationships
  • Improved management of the pattern assistant wizard when editing an existing pattern
  • Improvements in the Configuration Management comparison windows
  • Improved complete copy of the ontology when deleting the output completely.

Out-of-the-box ontologies:

  • Improvement of the English ontology: simplification of patterns and revision of clusters and terminology