Version 2018.1 Release 2

17 April 2018

VERIFICATION Studio Build version 18.1.6681.36193

The Knowledge-Centric Systems Engineering (KCSE) Suite now it's renamed as Systems Engineering Suite to give a better description of all the new features released in the v18.

Some of the products composing the suite has also been renamed:

  • Systems Quality Analyzer (SQA) now is VERIFICATION Studio
  • Rich Authoring Tool (RAT) now is AUTHORING Tools
    • The Rich Authoring Tool Grid is not longer available
    • The AUTHORING Tools is a set of plugins on top of Systems Engineering Tools such as DOORS, Rhapsody, etc.
  • System Interroperabilty Manager (SIM) has been splited into two halves:
    • TRACEABILITY Studio to focus in the traceability (formerly the plugin T+ inside SIM)
    • INTEROPERABILITY Studio to focus on the automatic transformations among different work products of, maybe, different Systems Engineering Tools
      • This Studio is only avalaible in this moment as a application for a tailoring process
  • System Knowledge Repository Server (SKR Server) now is Systems Engineering Suite Server (SES Server).
  • System Knowledge Repository Batch Process (SKR Batch Process) is now Systems Engineering Suite Batch Process (SES Batch Process).

General improvements:

  • User Interface improvements to simplify the interaction with the user
  • General revision via use-case scenarios
  • Token consumption revision and update. Three new possibilities of licensing:
    • Bundle: license limited in time and number of work product assessments
    • Year subscription: license limited only in time.
    • Perpertual: license not limited neither in time nor number of assessements.


  • Improved performance of correctness analysis.


  • Completeness and consistency on-the-fly improvements:
    • now displays the local quality and the global quality for consistency
    • better completeness results display for the editing work product
  • Improve reliability of the Excel and Word plugin
  • Improve Rhapsody plugin installation


  • Improved management of the library management
  • Improved copy from database to database functionality