Version 2018.3 Release 0

17 December 2019

RQA Build version


  • OSLC-KM:
    • Improved connection window
  • EXCEL:
    • Possibitlies to load additional attributes to be used for filtering while setting up any type of metrics.
  • DOORS Next Generation:
    • Improved connection for off-line assessment (RQA Batch)


  • Improved overlapping consistencty metric
  • Improved spellchecker system to handle hexadecimal numbers properly such as 0x10ABDECF or 10ABDECFh
  • Improved spellchecker system to handle decimal numbers adjacent to measurement units properly such as 7.2e-2kW
  • Improved correcteness, consistency and completeness custom-code edition environment with possiblities to load custom assemblies.
  • Improved correctness aggregated results window.
  • New possiblities for all the requirement statement related correctness metrics to identify which part of the statement to assess by using pattern matching techniques.
  • New possibilites for completeness and consistency metric configuration to adapt to the ontology changes when evolving with new terms, relationships, etc.

SE Suite Server:

  •     Fixed bug while configuring the Scheduled Task for off-line assessment


  • Improved writing experience in French language mainly ragarding the use of apostrophe

RAT Widget for DNG:

  • Evolution of the previous RQA widget in DNG, now covering also RAT capabilites.


  • Improved feature of "why my pattern does not match the input text"
  • Improved management of libraries.
  • Improved generation and management of spellchecker dictionaries

Database connections:

  • Ensure possibility of secure connection using HTTPS and Certificates from the SE Suite client applications to the Ontology Database

Ontology Proxy:

  • New piece available for deployment when it's restricted by company policies to connect from the client applications (RQA, RAT, KM, etc) directly to the database.