Requirements Management Tools

Every project needs a list of requirements to describe what the stakeholders of the project require. A spreadsheet or a Word document is a good tool to start with but when you have a certain amount of requirements you might need a more powerful requirements management tool. Requirements usually change all the time and to deliver a successful project you need a requirements tool to manage all the requirements.


Requirements Management Tools List

We have gathered information on some Requirements Management Tools that can help you document, analyze, trace, prioritize and communicate requirements. Please note that this list does not imply a recommendation.

Requirements Management Tool Company Integrated with RQA - QUALITY Studio * Integrated with RAT - Authoring Tools ** Comments
ReqIf De facto standard check check  
Windchill RV&S (formerly Integrity Lifecycle Manager) PTC check check  
Reqtify Dassault Systèmes check   RQA connects with Reqtify
Microsoft Excel Microsoft check check  
Microsoft Word Microsoft check check  
Team Center Siemens   check Team Center includes RAT functionality
Rational DOORS IBM check check  
DOORS Next Generation IBM check   RQA connects with DOORS Next Generation
Polarion Polarion Software check   Will be available during 2019
Enovia Dassault Systemes   check Enovia includes RAT functionality
ReqView Eccam     Connection under discussion
Jama  Jama Software      
Capella PolarSys   check RAT can manage requirements within Capella as a plug-in
Rhapsody IBM   check RAT can manage requirements within Rhapsody as a plug-in


* RQA - QUALITY Studio. A SMARTer way to manage the quality of your engineering tools - analyzes the quality of your requirements, documents and models.

** RAT - Authoring Tools. A SMARTer way to author engineering items - authoring assistant for requirements, documents and models.


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