System Interoperability Manager (SIM)

System Interoperability Manager (SIM)

The SMARTer way to improve the collaboration between your SE tools

Connects to many different SE tools at the same time

Allows you to produce transformations and operations between the connected sources

Source and target elements can be traced in the T+ Manager plug-in


System Interoperability Manager (SIM)

The System Interoperability Manager (SIM) is a framework. It is not a particular tool but an enabler to hold and run whatever interoperability plug-in. For example, the R+ and the T+ run inside the SIM. The SIM includes the OSLC KM connecting capabilities and therefore, it can connect to many different knowledge and data source (Requirements, risks, models, physical models, Office Documents, Databases etc..). SIM provides an API to allow third parties to produce their own plug-ins taking advantage of the standard connectivity resources.



Traceability Manager (T+ Manager)

Manages trace links between all sorts of information

Discovers user-tailored trace links

Monitors and reports trace links in a tailorable platform

Connects every tool involved in the systems engineering processes


Transformations Manager (R+ Manager)

Integrates textual requirements engineering with MBSE in the same tool

Understands, formalizes and transforms systems engineering work products

Automatic generation of models and test cases from requirements

Monitors transformation with automatic traceability