Tools for Pilot Projects

Smart Requirements Development joined to MBSE

Integrating textual Requirements Engineering with MBSE in the same tool
Understanding, formalizing and transforming systems engineering work products
Automatic generation of models, test cases or other system information from requirements
Monitoring transformations with automatic traceability management and analysis
Requirements elicitation from unstructured documents based on patterns

Custom Projects

The REUSE Company not only provides a set of tools, but we also allow you to make the most of the core technology behind KCSE to tackle your own needs. Turnkey projects using our core technology is the best way to fully leverage your systems engineering activities, with customized tools, new Systems Engineering Suite plugins and/or new libraries.


KCSE - The SMARTer Systems Engineering Method

KCSE stands for Knowledge Centric Systems Engineering and represents the Systems Engineering method proposed by The REUSE Company.
The KCSE approach includes:

  • A tool suite: the Systems Engineering Suite
  • A set of knowledge libraries
  • The possibility to adapt the tools and technology to the specific needs of our customers via turnkey projects
  • Services: training, consultancy, coaching, mentoring


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