Tools for Pilot Projects

Smart Requirements Development joined to MBSE

Integrating textual Requirements Engineering with MBSE in the same tool
Understanding, formalizing and transforming systems engineering work products
Automatic generation of models, test cases or other system information from requirements
Monitoring transformations with automatic traceability management and analysis
Requirements elicitation from unstructured documents based on patterns

Requirements become part of an integrated MBSE paradigm

REQUIREMENTS ENGINEERING Studio is the software tool designed to include textual requirements and other work products into an enhanced Model Based Systems Engineering approach. Therefore, users will be able to monitor and generate automatically systems engineering work products from different sources and formats. The tool is designed for understanding, formalizing and transforming systems work products, such as requirements, risks, test cases, or models, into other work product of different nature, like the mentioned work product typologies, or others, without interoperability issues.

REQUIREMENTS ENGINEERING Studio is aimed to integrate requirements, or other natural language texts, with the Model Based Systems Engineering approach using text as a source for transformations. Besides, REQUIREMENTS ENGINEERING Studio lets the users define and integrate the organizational procedures to generate requirements out of models, or vice versa, to optimize the integration of the assets generated by REQUIREMENTS ENGINEERING Studio within the systems engineering processes.



Integration - REQUIREMENTS ENGINEERING Studio allows the integration of Requirements Engineering with the rest of the technical processes of the ISO/IEEE 15288/12207 standard.

Automatic generation - New system work products can be generated from existing information. Therefore, requirements can automatically generate models, create test cases, elicit requirements from new documentation, models can generate requirement statements, and other systems work products transformations, without interoperability restrictions.

Traceability - REQUIREMENTS ENGINEERING Studio automates and monitors many transformation operations, with the added value of automatic generation of traceability between the different work products in the transformations.


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