How to manage high-quality requirements


  • Understanding and tailoring the requirements management process to your project
  • Understanding the need for attributes and their selection and application
  • Understand the need to filter requirements to present manageable requirement sets
  • Developing a trace schema and applying it
  • Versioning of requirement sets and managing change
  • Metrics for requirements management


When creating requirements, we must focus on how good they are, however this is just part of the full process. Requirements need to be managed if they are to be comprehensible to those who have to read, understand and work with them. To do so, a clear understanding of the process of requirements (and specifications) management is a primary task if we are to produce requirements and specifications. With an effective requirements management process, we will end up with high quality requirement specifications that eases the validation and verification of our system. The course outline has been designed based on the IREB certification guidelines for the requirements management as well as CMMI practices.

Pre-Requirements / Who should attend

  • Business analysts
  • Functional analysts
  • Project managers
  • Quality managers
  • Procurement manager


  1. Why Requirements Management makes sense?
  2. The requirements management process
  3. Requirements attributes throughout the system lifecycle
  4. Tracing requirements
  5. Requirements versions and baselines
  6. Requirements change management
  7. Managing requirements quality metrics


Duration: 1 day

Timetable: from 9am to 6pm (a break for lunch and two more coffee breaks)


Simon Wright. Senior systems engineering consultor.


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