Introduction to Systems Engineering: preparation for the INCOSE SEP Exam


  • Introduction to INCOSE, the handbook and the INCOSE certification model (SEP)
  • Understand the key concepts of Systems Engineering
  • Review of the proposed life cycle
  • Review of the processes described in the handbook


The course will alternate theoretical content with more practical aspects in order for the students to master the key concepts of the discipline. In view of the 4th and 5th days, the teaching team will ask the attendees to read the contents of the Handbook (on their own). In addition, cheat sheets will be presented to allow the attendees to easily memorize the key concepts that are frequently part of the official certification exam. Finally, different exam simulations will be carried out.

Pre-Requirements / Who should attend

  • Systems engineers
  • Other engineers
  • Project and Program managers


  1. Introduction to INCOSE and the Handbook v4
  2. The official certification of INCOSE
  3. Basic concepts about Systems Engineering
  4. The stages of the life cycle
  5. The technical processes
  6. The technical management processes
  7. Processes of agreement
  8. Processes enabling projects in organizations
  9. Personalization process
  10. General methods of Systems Engineering
  11. Simulation of evaluation scenarios (distributed in different modules)
  12. General review
  13. Review of quick sheets or cheat sheets
  14. Simulation of evaluation scenarios



Duration: 5 days

Timetable: from 9am to 6pm (a break for lunch and two more coffee breaks)


Juan Llorens. CTO of The REUSE Company and CSEP certified by INCOSE.