Requirements Quality Ensuring Requirements Correctness with V&V Studio


  • Review of the common quality rules for individual requirements
  • The SQA Connectors
  • Tailoring of quality rules in SQA (correctness)
  • Quality Analysis and reporting with SQA (correctness)
  • SQA for collaborative tasks
  • Correctness parameterized metrics with SQA
  • Dealing with requirements quality along the supply-chain


The attendees will use the latest version of Systems Quality Analyzer so that they can analyze the quality level for a provided specification, and customize several rules.

Pre-Requirements / Who should attend

  • Business analysts
  • Functional analysts
  • Project managers
  • Quality managers
  • Procurement manager



  1. Requirements quality guidelines
  2. Connection screen and the connection to external requirements management tools
  3. The analysis screen in SQA (correctness)
  4. The reporting mechanisms in SQA (correctness)
  5. Collaboration mechanisms in SQA
  6. Configuration of correctness metrics in SQA
  7. Configuration of parameterized correctness metrics in SQA
  8. Dealing with metric libraries
  9. The concept of quality project:
    1. Defining a complete quality project
    2. Quality scoreboard
    3. Quality snapshot
    4. Quality evolution
  10. Quality along the supply chain:
    1. The quality certificate: generation, exporting and importing
    2. Quality evolution tracking


Duration: 1 day

Timetable: from 9am to 6pm (a break for lunch and two more coffee breaks)


Luis Alonso: Chief Architect of the Requirements Quality Suite


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