Requirements Quality Ensuring Requirements Completeness and Consistency with V&V Studio


  • Review of the common quality rules for set of requirements
  • Quality Analysis with SQA (consistency & completeness)
  • Quality Reporting with SQA (consistency & completeness)
  • Quality configuration with SQA (consistency & completeness)


The attendees will use the latest version of Systems Quality Analyzer so that they can analyze the quality level for a provided specification, and customize several rules.

Pre-Requirements / Who should attend

  • Business analysts
  • Functional analysts
  • Project managers
  • Quality managers
  • Procurement manager

Pre-requisites: Basic knowledge about SQA (correctness analysis) or the previous course: Requirements Quality – Ensuring Requirements Correctness with SQA


  1. Quality guidelines for sets of requirements
  2. The analysis screen in SQA (consistency & completeness)
  3. The reporting mechanisms in RQA (consistency & completeness)
  4. Configuration of consistency and completeness metrics in RQA


Duration: 1 day

Timetable: from 9am to 6pm (a break for lunch and two more coffee breaks)


Luis Alonso: Chief Architect of the Requirements Quality Suite


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