How to write high-quality specifications


Goals of the course:

  • Understand the impact of low quality in a requirements specification
  • How different standards describe quality characteristics for requirements, and why it’s not sufficient
  • How different guidelines cope with the identification of rules
  • The different dimensions: Correctness, Consistency and Completeness
  • Templates and patterns
  • Tools to automate the requirements verification process


After the revision of different standards that try to address the enormous impact of low quality in requirements specifications, a hands-on session will identify the most common rules followed in the industry to write high quality specifications. The attendees will write their own specification, ensuring the conformance to the quality rules described during the course.

Pre-Requirements / Who should attend

  • Business analysts
  • Functional analysts
  • Project managers
  • Quality managers
  • Procurement manager


  1. The impact of poor quality in a requirements specification
  2. Quality characteristics: for documents and for individual requirements
  3. The 3 quality dimensions for requirements: Correctness, Consistency and Completeness
  4. Revision of requirement quality rules
  5. Requirements templates for requirements documents
  6. Requirements patterns to write consistent requirements
  7. The quality inspection process for requirements specifications
  8. Tools to automate the requirements verification process
  9. Practice and hands-on case


Duration: 1 day

Timetable: from 9am to 6pm (a break for lunch and two more coffee breaks)


José Fuentes. Chief Operating Manager at The REUSE Company and Member of the board of AEIS (the Spanish chapter of INCOSE).


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