Automatic V&V and Model Based Requirements Engineering

Model Based Requirements Engineering

The REUSE Company (TRC) has organized a series of local TRC Forums aimed at engineers who want to learn about, and discuss, Knowledge Centric Engineering & Model Based Systems Engineering. We can show you new, unique and innovative solutions that can transform the way your organization works by implementing Knowledge Centric Systems Engineering. The REUSE Company tools enable the smart management of knowledge whist you develop complex systems.

Perhaps you are wondering how we can justify this claim of SMARTer System Development? We will show you ways to deal with many of today's challenges within Systems Engineering. The 26th of June in London, we´ll set the focus on advanced technologies for requirements development, automating their Verification & Validation as well as recent improvements in Model Based Requirements Engineering.

The TRC Forum London 2018 is structured into two sections:

The morning session will deal with requirements development and Verification and Validation automation. We´ll discuss:

  • Supporting the engineer with AI derived patterns for requirements development
  • Automating the ISO15288 / ISO12207 Verification and validation processes Automatic Verification and Validation of Requirements
  • Automatic Verification of SysML Models & MODELICA/Simulink Models
  • Managing and improving the Quality of requirements and models
  • Supporting V&V along the supply chain

The afternoon session will explore leading edge technology that integrates Requirements Engineering within MBSE:

  • Automatic Generation of SysML Models from natural language Requirements
  • Automatic Generation of Requirements from Simulink models
  • Assisted Generation of test descriptions from natural language Requirements
  • Requirements simulation: Executing requirements against FMUs
  • Automatic traceability management of the links produced in the above described activities

But it will not be just us talking. You will be encouraged to take the lead and explore the challenges you have to deal with at the workbench. We´ll have time to discuss: MBSE, Model based Requirements Engineering, Knowledge-Driven System Development, V&V Automation, Information Quality, Artificial Intelligence in SE, and, not least, Traceability and how to harness these concepts to the benefit of your organization.

We will use our cutting edge tools ( to demonstrate these concepts and show how Knowledge Centric Systems Engineering will, both today and in the future, help you with your problem definition, solution design and product development work. This will enable you to deliver increasingly complex products at an ever-reducing time to market.



Agenda TRC Forum London

General information


26 June 2018


We will be in the Spanish embassy's Finance and Trade Department (ICEX), 125 Old Broad Street, London EC2N 1AR. The easiest way to get here is by London Underground – Bank, Liverpool Street and Moorgate stations are all within a 3 min walk.


Lunch and coffee are included. Please notify us via the comment field if you have any special food needs.


The seminar is free of charge, if for any reason you are not able to make it please email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 02038 685 058 no later than June 21st, otherwise you may not be invited next time!