Verification Studio (V&V Studio)

Verification Studio

The SMARTer way to manage the verification and quality of your system work-products

 Manages the preparation of verification actions

 Is tailored according to your own verification policies

 Can be extended with whatever verification technique

 Can be configured to work with whatever verification/quality-control specific algorithm

 Connects the notion of Verification action and Quality calculation

 Manages the realization of verification actions

 Performing own analysis calculations

 Gathering results from external analysis or simulation tools

 Based on the CCC paradigm: Correctness, Completeness and Consistency analysis

 Connected to most SE tools (requirements, models, SysML, Simulink, etc.)

 Manages and improves the quality of all types of work-products

 Calculates individual quality of requirements, models, physical models, etc.

 Uses Quality metrics and quality functions (within the CCC paradigm)

 Allows work-product improvements

 Manages the results of the verification process

 Includes scoreboard for verification evolution along time

 Supports the verification process along the supply chain (Using the concept of “certificates”)

The Verification Studio (Formerly called Requirements Quality Analyzer - RQA) allows you to define and manage the V&V of the SOI, System element or any kind of development work-product (requirements, SysML models, MODELICA models, etc.) by measuring, calculating and (eventually) improving their Quality.

Poor quality of work-products during the concept and design phases of a project leads to rework, extra costs, delays and, if not detected, severe consequences. A tool to automate the routine quality inspection and analysis of many types of work-products minimizes the cost of quality appraisals, while dramatically reducing the costs of poor quality.


Benefits of Verification Studio (V&V Studio)

Conformance with ISO 15288 / ISO 12207– The V&V Studio supports the Verification, Validation, Quality Assurance and Quality Management processes of the ISO 15288 SE Standard

  • Quality – While performing the verification process, the V&V Studio analyzes work-products using the agreed best practices, rules, checklists, policies, etc. identifying defects, inconsistencies, and incomplete information. As a result, the improvement and amendment of work-products produces a boost in the work-products, system and projects’ quality.
  • Time - Automating extremely time-consuming tasks will reduce the time spent on analysis, simulations, test, inspections, etc.
  • Money - Reducing rework (and consequently costs) caused by flaws at all levels in your systems work-products can be achieved by automating peer-reviewing and V&V processes.


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