Requirements Quality Analyzer for Reqtify

Reqtify is a tool that allows analyzing the traceability between engineering data (user requirements, system requirements, tests, etc.) in a great variety of file and database formats. It enables to capture requirements and other engineering and test data (justification, interfaces, risks...) and the traceability between these data. Reqtify supports more than 60 file and database formats (Word, Excel, PDF, HP ALM, Doors, etc.)

The integration of RQA in Reqtify allows benefiting from RQA features on any data that Reqtify can analyze in English or in French.


  • Perform a syntactic and semantic analysis of your requirements: In addition to the traceability analysis and requirement management that is performed in Reqtify, RQA allows performing measures on the quality of the content of the requirements. The measures can be done on individual requirements to evaluate the correction of their content and structure, as well as on requirements sets to measure the global consistency and completeness.
  • Early detect the quality flaws in your requirements: The earlier errors are detected the cheapest the correction. Moreover this avoids propagating errors and misunderstandings. By analyzing the requirements quality during the requirement definition phase, RQA allows detecting requirements flaws early in the lifecycle.
  • Automate requirements quality reviews: Organizations often define some quality rules but the actual application of these rules is time consuming and difficult to maintain in time. With RQA, the quality reviews can be widely automated and performed as frequently as needed.
  • Integrate quality during requirement writing in a continuous improvement process: Even when quality reviews are performed, when errors are detected, it is often too expensive to fix. With RQA, the requirement quality analysis can be performed in parallel with the requirement authoring, thus allowing detecting and fixing flaws before they are propagated. During the webinar, ADN and TRC consultants are available to answer your questions. Waiting for you !

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