A SMART set of quality rules to leverage cost savings and reduce time-to-market


System requirements are usually written in unconstrained natural language (NL), which is inherently imprecise. Often, requirements authors are not trained in writing textual requirements, but they are still fully necessary in every project for many different reasons. During system development, requirements problems propagate to lower levels. All these problems can create unnecessary volatility and risk, impacting programmed schedules and costs.

We, at The REUSE Company, have developed a knowledge library to be used on our Systems Engineering Suite, that takes the benefits of the ISO/IEC/IEEE 29148 and ISO/IEC/IEEE 830 International Standards which provide a unified treatment of the processes and products involved in engineering requirements throughout the life cycle of systems and software, to enhance the quality of requirements. The library incorporates patterns and metrics based on the mentioned standards to bring guidance for high-quality requirements. All these implemented in the SE Suite will help ensure the requirements’ quality and easily optimize the requirements development process.

Discover in this webinar how our SE Suite, alongside the ISO/IEC/IEEE 29148 & 830 Standards library we have developed can improve the quality of your organization requirements and your requirements development and verification. Thanks to this approach, your organization could discover requirements error in an early stage of the process to prevent adding potentially huge extra costs and time-to-market delays to your projects.

Therefore, writing high-quality requirements, in compliance with the main international standards, has never been so easy.