Siemens Teamcenter and the SES ENGINEERING Studio

The SES ENGINEERING Studio is a software framework enabling the realization of systems engineering based on reuse, and with a knowledge centric approach. The SES ENGINEERING Studio enables an organization to integrate with Siemens Teamcenter in order to empower the requirements quality management and the use of semantic structures such as patterns

Teamcenter and quality management

The REUSE Company offers a connector to Siemens Teamcenter that allows you to define, measure, improve and manage the quality of your requirements specifications within the systems engineering process. The main set of RQA – QUALITY Studio functionalities is available within Teamcenter to help you control the quality of your requirements. 

This tool uses a wide set of metrics to assess the quality of technical specifications, mainly Correctness, Consistency and Completeness (CCC). While correctness metrics are applied to individual requirements, consistency and correctness are checked within a set of requirements. Each metric receives a low, medium or high rating and gives hints to enhance the written requirements’ quality

The connector also enables you to generate quality reports in a matter of a few clicks to get a general overview of your requirements’ performance in terms of quality. 

Teamcenter and patterns 

The connector also provides the users with a pattern assist function. Patterns are semantic structures of movable slots that aim to standardize the requirements. They help to automatize the writing process and reuse the previously created grammatic structures. Each of the slots could contain a number of restrictions that enforce rules on the written requirements. 

While writing a requirement, the tool offers in real-time a list of the patterns that fit the inserted text. Additionally, the user can recur to the word suggestions that correspond to the selected pattern structure. When a specific slot of a pattern is fulfilled, it appears in green as completed.