RQA - Quality Studio

The SMARTer way to manage the quality of your engineering tools

Checks the Quality of your requirements specifications

Performs Correctness, Completeness and Consistency analysis

Is configured according to your own quality policies

Analyzes the quality of your requirements, documents and models



Poor quality of engineering items during the concept and design phases of a project leads to rework, extra costs, delays and, if not detected, severe consequences. A tool to automate the routine quality inspection and analysis of different types of engineering items minimizes the cost of quality appraisals, while increasing the consistency and overall quality of the projects.

Defects can be caused either by inadequate engineering decisions, or by the incorrect representation of engineering information in requirements, models, etc. Automatizing the quality inspection activities will give engineers more time for better decision making while providing means so that no defect remains hidden.

Natural Language Process and Artificial Intelligence provide a semantic analysis towards more accurate inspections.



While performing the quality analysis, RQA - QUALITY Studio analyzes engineering items using the agreed best practices, rules, checklists, policies, etc. identifying defects, inconsistencies, and incomplete information.


Automatizing extremely time-consuming tasks will reduce the time spent on analysis, simulations, test, inspections, etc.


Reducing rework (and consequently costs) caused by flaws at all levels in your system engineering items can be achieved by automating peer-reviewing and quality analysis.

Making the Concept of Quality Analysis Universal

The current version of RQA extends the quality analysis concept and now covers all the engineering items generated during the systems engineering life cycle. Quality must be managed not only within requirements, but also within logical models (UML or SysML), physical models (MODELICA, Simulink, etc.), 3D models, test cases, FMEA tables... and even textual documents (e.g. a SEMP): all these types of engineering items can now be analyzed with RQA.

Customizable Quality Functions

Different companies, different industries, methodologies and types of projects, different types of documents and diagrams at different levels of abstraction?

RQA is the tool that can cope with this plethora of different engineering items, methods, processes and tools. RQA provides tailored analysis and configurable assessments, represented in a centralized system quality scoreboard, with the intention to provide a quick understanding of the current quality status, and quality evolution of a project.

Some Quick Figures

Close to 90% of the defects are introduced during the Requirements and Design phases. However, only 20% are actually discovered.

RQA (in combination with RAT - Authoring Tools) reduces the defect rate and boost the early detection, thus reducing cost and increasing overall quality.


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