V&V Studio - Verification and Validation


The SMARTer way to manage Verification and Validation of your Engineering Items

Provides support for the Verification and Validation actions

Aligned with the ISO/IEC 15288: 2015 Standard

While performing the Verification Process, overall Quality is checked

Automatization of time-consuming tasks and less rework

Connected with specialized quality and simulation tools

Verification and Validation of Requirements, SysML models, functions, simulations, documentation etc.

V&V and Quality work together

Current systems engineering makes clear distinctions among verification, validation and quality assurance processes. Verification is usually connected with the notion of “developing the system right” (setting the focus on performing SE properly). On the other hand, validation is described as “developing the right system,” making a SOI that meets the stakeholders needs.

Both concepts are clearly connected with the notion of quality assurance and management. Verification confirms that the quality is adequate, and Validation confirms that the system maps with correct functions and properties, as a kind of quality issue. Quality Assurance, when applied to product evaluations, helps to prevent incidents and problems.

V&V Studio merges the three concepts and offers V&V by managing the corresponding verification and validation actions through quality measures and other measures. V&V Studio uses the concept of metrics and quality functions to verify all kinds of work-products.

The concept of Quality Analysis becomes universal

V&V Studio extends the quality analysis concept applied in the former Requirements Quality Analyzer (RQA V15) to cover now all the engineering items generated during the systems engineering life cycle. Quality must be managed not only within requirements, but also logical models (UML or SysML), physical models (Modelica, Simulink…), 3D models and even textual documents (e.g. a SEMP). All these types of work-products can now be analyzed, verified and validated with V&V Studio.

Through a powerful and easy-to-use user interface, V&V Studio can be adapted to establish quality metrics for several types of artifacts, enabling the assessment of the quality of your engineering items by checking conformance with a set of agreed-upon rules.

Native connectors are provided out-of-the-box for multiple types of engineering tool connections, but also a smart XML parser can be used to extract items and then analyze the quality of different data schemas.

When dealing with requirements, V&V Studio can use many quality metrics to analyze different types of requirements repositories, such as, IBM DOORS (both Classic and Next Generation), PTC Integrity Lifecyle Manager, CATIA Reqtify, Visure Solutions, MS Excel, ReqIF and OSLC compliant information sources.

In addition, V&V Studio can analyze the quality of models from Rhapsody, Papyrus, MagicDraw/Cameo, PTC Integrity Modeler, Capella, Simulink, Modelica tools and OSLC compliant diagrams. Microsoft Office documents quality control is also supported.
More detailed information about RQA – Quality Studio can be found in its corresponding flyer.


Aligned with standards

V&V Studio provides support for the implementation of the Verification, Validation, Quality Assurance and Quality Management processes of the ISO/IEC 15288:2015 Standard.

Compliance with ISO/IEC 15288:2015

V&V Studio provides support for the Verification and Validation actions, as well as the different activities defined in both processes.


While performing the verification process, V&V Studio analyzes work-products using the agreed best practices, rules, checklists, policies, and the like, identifying defects, inconsistencies, and incomplete information. As a result, the improvement and amendment of workproducts produces improvements in the work-products, systems and projects quality.


Automatization of extremely timeconsuming tasks will reduce the time spent on analysis, simulations, test, inspections, etc.


Reducing rework (and consequently costs) caused by flaws at all levels in your system engineering items can be achieved by automating peer-reviewing and V&V processes.


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