The REUSE Company offers a set of training sessions to master the KCSE approach, its main concepts and tools. The training catalog includes, among others:

How to manage high-quality requirements Understanding and tailoring the requirements management process to your project. This course is based on the IREB certification guidelines and CMMI practices. 1 day
How to write high-quality specifications Understanding the impact of poor quality in requirements and review different standards and rules to address correctness, consistency and completeness in requirements specifications. 1 day
A framework to define and measure Knowledge-Based Systems Engineering Mastering the definition of a knowledge base with the aim of leveraging systems engineering activities by: traceability, retrieval and reuse and quality management. 2 days
Requirements Engineering Foundation Describing the key topics on requirements engineering, together with the main processes: elicitation, analysis, specification, validation and management. This course follows the CPRE Foundation syllabus of IREB. 2 days
Requirements identification and analysis using the use cases techniques Learn how the use cases technique fit in the Requirements Engineering process, both from a modeling standpoint (UML and SysML) and from a more textual point of view. 1 day
Model-Based Requirements Engineering - Bringing requirements into MBSE Understanding the need of textual requirements in modern MBSE projects. 1 day
Introduction to Systems Engineering: preparation for the INCOSE SEP exam (English) Introduction to INCOSE, the INCOSE handbook and preparation for the INCOSE SEP exam. 5 days
Introducción a la Ingeniería de Sistemas - preparación al examen SEP de INCOSE (Español) Introducción a INCOSE, al handbook de INCOSE y preparación al examen SEP de INCOSE.  
Requirements Quality - Ensuring Requirements Correctness with V&V Studio Mastering the SQA and RAT tools with the aim of checking correctness for requirements documents and other workproducts. 1 day
Requirements Quality - Ensuring Requirements Completeness and Consistency with V&V Studio Mastering the SQA and RAT tools with the aim of checking consistency and completeness for requirements documents and other workproducts. 2 days
How to program you own quality rules on System Quality Manager (SQM) tool. Customize SQA to perform any quality analysis based on calculations or mechanisms not available in the existing metrics and analyze the quality of whatever other work products based on customed metrics. 1/2 day
Mastering the Knowledge Manager tool Understanding the concept of ontology within a Systems Engineering project and managing dictionaries, semantic clusters and conceptual models. 2 days
Mastering the Rich Authoring Tool - RAT Understand the concept of on-the-fly quality analysis and on-the-fly correctness and consistency checking. 1/2 day
Dealing with the tool ecosystem chaos with SIM Understanding how different tools interact in the current systems engineering projects and presenting an innovative solution based on OSLC. 1 day
Requirements Transformations and Traceability in SIM Review the importance of traceability among different sorts of work items, introduction to SIM, T+ and R+ tools. 1 day


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