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Preparation for the INCOSE SEP Exam

Where: Online
When: October 26-30, 2020
Price: 1.450€

How to write high-quality specifications

Where: Online
When: November 17, 2020

Requirements identification and analysis applying the use cases techniques

Where: Online
When: November 19, 2020

Requirements Quality – Ensuring Requirements Correctness with RQA - Quality Studio

Where: Online
When: December, 2020

Requirements Quality – Ensuring Requirements Completeness and Consistency with RQA - Quality Studio

Where: Online
When: January, 2020

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Preparación al examen SEP de INCOSE

The REUSE Company ofrece este curso de ingeniería de sistemas de 5 días para preparar el examen ASEP y CSEP con presentaciones, ejercicios prácticos y simulaciones de examen. El curso está basado en INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook v4.

Requirements Transformations and Traceability using Engineering Studio

Textual requirements are a living entity in the current Systems Engineering projects. Requirements might come from customers, even in different languages, requirements are expressed at different level of detail, before they are validated through test cases; requirements are also key in the identification of the high-level architecture of the system, as well as other diagrams generated during a modeling stage.

Mastering the Knowledge Manager Tool

This course provides a deep review of the KM – Knowledge Manager, and how users can model the system knowledge with the different features.

Participants will get the skills to perform the different activities to build an ontology, from different perspectives: organizational ontology, system knowledge base or modelling standards as libraries.

Requirements Engineering Foundations (prep. course for the IREB CPRE Foundation Certification)

The different concepts around the Requirements Engineering processes will be introduced and explained. Various techniques will be also presented, including exercises for the students.

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