Getting started (PoC)

The REUSE Company’s tools are based on advanced semantics and ontologies. The application of these principles to systems engineering produce real improvements in all the different process areas. Systems Engineering Reuse, Product Line Engineering, Knowledge Management, Traceability Management, Quality Management, Life-cycle Management, Decision Management. Requirements Engineering, etc. get advantage of smart Artificial Intelligence methods. We, in The REUSE Company, have coined the name Knowledge Centric Systems Engineering (KCSE) to describe this environment, and it is based on three main pillars:

  • The KREUSE methodology: A Knowledge Centric, Reuse Driven, and Model Based Systems Engineering approach
  • The SES ENGINEERING Studio as the tools ecosystem implementing the KREUSE methodology.
  • A set of Knowledge Libraries to customize and tailor our customers’ needs.

In case you’d like to learn about the KREUSE and try/use our Systems Engineering Suite (SE Suite) but feel unsure to integrate the different tools included in it within your engineering chain, do not hesitate to learn how to adapt the technology and tools to your needs from our consults by “getting started” using our The Systems Engineering Suite Starter Kit (a.k.a. PoC – Proof of Concept). The PoC includes:

  • Training on the selected tools from the SE Suite
  • Tailoring of the processes
  • The deployment of the tool suite for a specific period
  • Training on the KREUSE-KCSE approach