The REUSE Company bases its Systems Engineering approach in three pillars:

  • The KREUSE methodology: A Knowledge Centric, Reuse Driven, and Model Based Systems Engineering approach
  • The SES ENGINEERING Studio as the tools ecosystem implementing the KREUSE methodology.
  • A set of Knowledge Libraries to customize and tailor our customer needs.

The REUSE Company offers the skills of its staff to help our customers during their daily operations with the Systems Engineering Suite: tailoring quality rules, populating dictionaries and ontologies, building textual patterns, tailoring the traceability tool to discover traces, filtering data for the application of Artificial Intelligence algorithms to Decision Management, etc.

The Systems Engineering Consulting Program is the way The REUSE Company proposes our customers to put all these services, tools, and processes together in the same project on site. The REUSE Company offers different flavors and scopes for the Consulting programs, including:

  • Training on the KREUSE – KCSE approach and the tool suite
  • Consultancy and coaching services to quickly leverage your systems engineering activities thanks to the KREUSE – KCSE.
  • Turnkey projects.